Western defeats Anaheim to retain Bell

Anaheim High opened the rivalry game against Western with a recovered onside kick and turned it into a 7-0 lead. But the Pioneers had too much for the Colonists as they eventually pulled away with a 42-7 win in the 54th meeting of the two rival schools.
Western responded with a touchdown drive, which tied the game at 7-7 before the end of the first quarter. But it was all Western from there as the defense clamped down and the offense continued to click. The Pioneers scored three touchdowns in the second quarter to take control of the game.
Anaheim received the second half kickoff and put together a drive into Western territory. The Colonists were in position to cut the lead to 28-14, but the Pioneer defense forced a fumble at their own 18 to take possession and stop Anaheim’s attack.
Western turned the turnover into a nine-play, 72-yard scoring drive to push their lead to 35-7, essentially putting it out of reach. Quarterback Anthony Munoz threw for 308 yards and four touchdowns to lead the Pioneer offense.
“The offensive line was doing what they are supposed to do, they were giving me all the time possible and the receivers were making big plays,” Munoz said.
Sophomore receiver Caine Savage had six catches for 148 yards and three touchdowns. James Mendoza had 54 receiving yards and John Ojelabi added 50 yards receiving. Marco Navas had 38 reception yards and a touchdown.
The offense was able to compile 167 rushing yards, using several ball carriers. Brandon Jackson had 54 rushing yards to lead the group, while Jacob Domino pounded his way to 43 yards and two touchdowns.
“I thought we ran the ball better tonight than we have, but it helped getting a couple of lineman back,” Head Coach Dan Davidson said.
Anaheim quarterback Adam Rodriguez threw for 109 yards and ran for another 44 to lead the Colonists, but the offense struggled against the Pioneer defense. Guillermo Meza had 19 rushing yards and the lone touchdown for the Colonists.
Davidson said the Colonists came out with some formations that they had not seen. After Anaheim’s initial scoring drive, Davidson said they had to make changes, notably using their linebackers differently to better control the Colonist running game.
“There were a couple of great adjustments by my defensive coordinator … the linebackers coach and defensive coordinator are doing a great job,” Davidson said.


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